Student Testimonials

Why ISMS is the Best MBA College in Pune?

Ushmidita Pradhan

Siliguri, West Bengal

How would you define perfection? Is it a myth? Well, I can tell you my idea of perfection; a college at one corner of Pune city unknown by many but features ideal quality of perfection, International School of Management Studies, Pune is what you call a perfection. With all my experience from ISMS I can proudly call our faculty members the best because in ISMS we got the opportunity to study and interact with their excellence. Pursuing MBA International and to get a life changing opportunity to extend my studies in The UK is something like climbing the ladder of your dreams. The faculty members and in fact our director Mr. Debraj Banerjee are extremely supportive and motivate us to keep dreaming big. Honestly, I find myself lucky to be a part of ISMS, the experience and knowledge I’ve received until now is something I would not get from somewhere else.

Debangana Chakraborty

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Joining an MBA college after graduating from an Engineering college with no work experience is an intimidating thought. It brings about a wave of undulating emotions. I had high hopes colored by extreme fear which constantly kept me wondering if I would be able to make it. At International School of Management Studies, however much to my delight, I+ felt at home the moment I stepped in. I was very pleased with the way we were eased into the new system of studies. It is truly unbelievable how the faculty members are 100% peerless, and even though they have to train a large bunch of students to go to the United Kingdom the next year as the course structure demands, they have an ever-welcoming smile be it any time of the day. I have received immense encouragement, none like any educational institutions I have ever been to. This college has boosted my confidence, enough to beat my stage fright in the first month of being in the college. I feel fortunate enough to have gotten the opportunity to study in this esteemed college, under the guidance of an army of teachers who radiate positivity day and night.

Sweta Roy

Burdawan, West Bengal

Since childhood, my dream was to go to abroad and study but never thought that I would get such a great opportunity to complete my dream that was provided by ISMS PUNE. ISMS Pune gave me this privilege in such a affordable price with high quality of international education. Being a part of ISMS, I feel very proud as it helped me to discover myself and develop a positive attitude towards my studies. Here everyone is like a family, faculties are very caring and they help students in every possible way as they are only concerned about student's well-being. ISMS Pune has made me a better person and I found fun in education. I can happily say that studying MBA International from ISMS Pune was the best ever choice in my life. 

Tejashwini Nara

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

ISMS is one among those unique institution which helps students in not only building their career but also enhances skill sets needed for life. Personally, ISMS pushed me to be better, creative and confident enough to tackle any problem. Overall it is a great place of learning, fun, culture and many life preaching activities which was all made possible by the faculties for their constant encouragement and support



“SUCCESS IS JUST OUT OF COMFORT ZONE” This what was told to us when we joined ISMS. Joining ISMS Institute has been the best decision and it has completely changed my life. ISMS trained students to meet the standards of the corporate world. The MBA International program of ISMS focuses on practical and intellectual teaching. The lectures here are very interactive which are helpful for understanding the concept of real world. The staff in the ISMS is very supportive and has treated me as a mentor and friend. The syllabus is more practical in nature and different as compared to other colleges. Solving case study and writing assignment which is completely new for me has helped me to gain more practical knowledge. ISMS have taught me to be disciplined and punctual and has also changed my way of thinking. The staff and faculty members keep guiding and motivating which has helped to gain my confidence. The staff also helps in developing skills through personal interactions and presentations. The institute also conducts various activities like sports, games, picnic, parties and festival celebration. The institute also helps and guides through the admission process of UK Universities and they are with us until you we are settled down in UK. ISMS is not just a family it’s “a home away from home” which never feels like you are away from your home. I feel proud and blessed to be part of ISMS family which is going to fulfill my dream of studying in UK.

Abhimanyu Kadam

Pune Maharashtra

If you want to do International MBA then ISMS is the best option. This institute gives opportunities to student to build career. Here we are not just educated but know the corporate world. The learning methodology is different as compared to other colleges. It focuses on practical through case studies and assignment instead of exams. The lectures are so interactive to understand the concepts and faculty members are very supportive to our studies and building personality. ISMS gave me inspiration to learn new things. Institute not just look for studies but also joins us in various activities like sports, picnics and events. And when it comes to chose universities, institute helps in every step of process until you are settle in UK. I am thankful to institute for fulfilling my dream to study in abroad. And I am glad to be the student of ISMS.

MD Tabish Alam

Kolkata, West Bengal

The most beautiful journey of the life is the ISMS journey. Words fall short when I start to describe it. 'This definitely is the experience of a lifetime. One must understand that everything done at ISMS is to bring out the best in an individual. We have wonderful faculty who are very cooperative and who use the method of study required for UK education. This is a place where seniors and junior students work together and every student is motivated to think beyond bookish knowledge. I have gained massive certainty, learning through the manner in which we are educated. The assignments for each student give numerous chances to the students to think abstract and relate the subject. I feel proud to be a part of ISMS family, they are with us all the steps and helping me to fulfill my dreams to study abroad.

Aman Singh

Kolkata, West Bengal

I am Aman Singh from Kolkata, West Bengal, right now I am doing my MBA (International) from ISMS Pune college and the annual fees of mine in this college is Rs. 330000 and there are three courses which ISMS offers and those are MBA- SLM(Strategic Leadership & Management) which is the combination of Additional Certification of SLM & Degree from Pune University MBA- PGP(Post Graduation Program) which is the combination of Master's level International Certification and Degree from Pune University MBA INTERNATIONAL (Twinning Program with U.K Universities) First year at ISMS campus, Pune and 2nd year at a selected U.K University. ISMS for me; First of all, is my second home now!! And I am happy to quote that whatever facilities I am getting from this institute is really appreciable. The college has a remarkable atmosphere to move forward with your dreams and has enormous amount of resources if you are willing to use them correctly. The Unique thing about this institute is the teachers analyze students individually which gives enormous confidence to the capable and which brings out the best of every student. My overall experience in ISMS till date is really positive and nice

Chandan Kumar Singh

Kolkata, West Bengal

The academic journey at ISMS has been full of rigor and challenges. The curriculum and course delivery method were contemporary, holistic and one of the best in the industry. I am pleased to imbibe multifaceted management knowledge and skills from this prestigious b-school. ISMS provides an opportunity to study in UK..ISMS is making students dream come true and is providing international exposure for students to compete in global market. I must say that ISMS is a breeding ground for young corporate managers. My heartfelt thanks to all faculty and staff members for enlightening us with horizons of knowledge and making our journey delightful

Trishnanka Bhattacharya

Kolkata, West Bengal

In the beginning, I was quite skeptical about moving to a new city and joining ISMS what so ever. I discussed with seniors who really co operated and helped in all possible ways. Eventually I shifted myself to Pune and started a new journey. From the commencement of the course, I was really fascinated by our faculty's grip over their subjects. The way they started nourishing us with their knowledge was also commendable. Classroom experiences was never that interesting before I joined ISMS. Activity based learning method, real life business situation analysis along with well informing seminars always kept us engaged in our course without making it dull from any angle. Assignments were making us prepared for future benefit in Corporate sector. The teaching approach taken by our faculties helped us immensely to widen our thought process and develop a productive mindset. Facilities provided by the college was well organized and helped to maintain a healthy life outside the classroom.  I am definitely going to cherish my experiences in "International School of Management Studies, Pune" for the rest of life and the skill set acquired from this institute will benefit me in my upcoming professional engagements .

Brijesh Ghosh

Kolkata, West Bengal

Academic excellence with a sophisticated infrastructure and well informed faculty, is something that I have experienced in International School of Management Studies, Pune. ISMS has encouraged me to shift from being a mechanical engineer graduate to a post-graduate management student. The exceptional programmes and teaching methodologies backed by practical skills, industrial visits and innovative thinking has provided me the confidence to pursue Masters in a different subject from my graduation. The classroom experiences along with seminars and activity based teaching has always encouraged me to take upon challenges. The interactive method of teaching is something that I have experienced in this institute. The all-time support and motivation provided by the faculty members have developed my confidence throughout the beautiful journey. I would always cherish my time being in the campus. Cheers for the days that have turned into months with the known faces that have turned into family


Kolkata, West Bengal

Transforming into a leader is an exhaustive process, could seem challenging too when you're away from home in a city, all on your own. ISMS will make you feel at home and teach you to work proficiently out of your comfort zone, all at the same time. You're coached for life, as you learn to enter and tackle industry and contribute to it at the same time. You're sure to spend some of the best days of your life here, and you're also required to work hard and meet deadlines, be prepared for any situation that doesn't work in your favor, be ready to take on life with its goodness and trials alike. Faculties sure will become your mentors for life. The outbound activities, the industry visits, the workshops on goal setting or life coaching are highly insightful and you're sure to evolve into an effective leader after two years of intensive training. You'll learn decision making here, but before that, becoming a part of the ISMS family is a crucial and one of the best decisions you'll ever make in your life

Riya Ranjangaonkar

Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

MBA is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes a lot of determination, hard work and discipline to become a successful leader in the corporate world. Here at ISMS we are nourished to become a future business leader by enhancing our managerial skills. The sessions that we have on daily basis are help us to be ready for the corporate world, also there are many industrials visits, corporate interfaces and guest lectures by the people from the corporate. ISMS gives focus to each and every student without any discrimination. Faculties over here are very helpful and supportive, also the placement cell provide us with the ample amount of knowledge and opportunities. Here we are not just gaining education but actually becoming industry ready. Our faculties also teach us about new technologies its effect on the economy, the changes of trends and preferences of the general public in the near future. So, that we are ready to strategically face and cope up with any challenges and problems.

Sandeep Kumar Nayak

Jeypore (Koraput), Odisha

I started my journey for MBA in International School of Management Studies in the month of July. The attracting point about this college is Triple Certification Program, which includes MBA + PGP + BTEC (UK) Extended Diploma – Level-7 for Higher end Placement and also the fee structure. That is the reason why I joined MBA-PGP Program. It’s a good journey in this college, here the atmosphere is full of motivation and innovation and all the faculties are always ready to help. Throughout this 4 month I got different opportunities to explore myself through various programs and events which helps me to improve my leadership and practical skills. In the first 2 months we visited some of the industries taken by our college, where we relate our study with the work environment like using the resources properly, no wastage of time and material, efficient in their work, good behavior, patience, etc. Every week presentation about some management related topic is also helps me to gain my knowledge and confidence. For me overall experience of this 4 months is very much impressive and this is one of the best Business School in Pune for MBA

Rosemary Amolik

Dombivili, Mumbai

I am glad to share with you my happening journey with International School Of Management Studies. The atmosphere in ISMS is full of motivation and innovation. The thing which I admire most about my college is our faculty. All our faculties are very enthusiastic and supportive. This college has helped me a lot to enhance my skills and knowledge. My confidence level is also boosted since I came here and the faculties has played a major role in that. Our college focuses on learning and self development of each and every student. They also focus on learning and self discipline as it is an important aspect of self development. One of my favourite thing about my college is all most of my classmates come from different states which brings with it a very cultural learning environment

Shubham Pandey

Surat (Gujarat)

ISMS provide triple certification course for MBA to get better opportunities for future career. As I come from different state i was worry about outside life and going to unknown place. But joining ISMS college here director, all faculty and all staff member have very good behaviour always help me in studies and observing me told my strength and weakness also tell how to overcome with that weakness always motivate me. Here all faculty are highly experienced who teach us and here they invite guest from cooperate field and guest share experience and we visited to industrial visit also which was best company for increasing knowledge and able to know applying theoretical in practically. I am very happy and i like i had make best decision selecting ISMS college

Shivam Kumar Jha


I glad to make decision to pursue my management course from International School of Management studies because college provides us triple certification course. College is giving me opportunity to enhance my knowledge and also hone my skills. Our faculties are helpful and friendly in nature and our director is also friendly and helpful. Every faculty has much experienced in Management field. College invites corporate guest for lecture, many guest came and told us about many things which will help in our corporate life. College provides industrial visit so we visited many industries like Kalyani maxion wheel, NSE, Mapro garden etc. where we learned actual scenario of corporate life and also outdoor and indoor management activities which help in quick decision making and make good team player as well as leader, besides these facilities college is giving us hostel and library facilities which all are completed in moderate fee which can afford middle class people and make their career successfully from International school of management studies

Kasturi Mazumder

Raniganj, West Bengal

An Institute should be a place of light, of liberty, of learning and ISMS is the best institute which I have chosen for pursuing my PGP MBA program. The key points of this institute is that it is giving a clear view regarding the courses along with the benefit of having a triple certificates at the end of two years. ISMS is the best institute which is helping me to develop my managerial skills, professional skills, technical skills and communication skill. It offers wide arena in every field which is helping me to acquire knowledge about different new things in my day to day life. The faculties are very cooperative and inculcate the students to achieve their desired goals in the corporate fields. They are very friendly and I never felt uncomfortable to share my personal and professional concern with them. The assignment training program, Industrial visit for the PGP MBA program providing many opportunities to enhance the knowledge in this competitive field. During my journey of only six months in this institute I can enunciate that it will help me to achieve my goals in the coming days

Aman Hurad

Ranchi, Jharkhand

ISMS give us an opportunity to enhance our skills and strength for better & bright future. College conducts many activities to make us understand our strength & weakness. Every faculty has lots of corporate experience which help us to know about corporate world. College also conduct external faculty sessions to help us groom ourselves. Faculties prepare us thoroughly for the future aspiring jobs. The teaching faculties are friendly with students especially our director who always appreciates us. College provides us industrial visit to help us understand & see ourselves how management works. Through industrial visits there are lots of things for learning like time management, sincerity, discipline etc. College strictly focuses on discipline and grooming. I thank ISMS and faculties for putting in all efforts to groom us and make us corporate professionals. It is a wonderful experience at ISMS


Kolkata, West Bengal

International School of Management Studies (ISMS) is a great institute for management studies in India. This institute have various course on management which is regarded various fields of managerial sectors in organizations. It’s also tie up with different universities of U.K for international MBA programme and gives the opportunity to get an international certification. The institute is mostly concern with practical knowledge of corporations and provide lots of industrial visit to reputed companies for understand how these all companies executed in their different working sectors. The faculties is giving importance to all of the students for making things easy. When I’m first came here I had lack of idea about management, but the regular learning activities and corporate workshop classes developed my confidence and increase my knowledge domain. According to all of those things, I’ll say that this is the proper institute for management studies to achieve the goals in future prospect of life


Mokokchung, Nagaland

I’ve been studying here at ISMS for the last 4 months and my experience so far has been exceptional. The courses offered are excellent as it is practical oriented and also provides International certification. Apart from that, unending presentations, workshops, case studies based on real life business scenarios and interaction with prominent industry guests etc. helps us to get a clear and broader insight about the corporate world. The faculties here has never neglected us in anyway, they make us feel like we are all part of a big family. They are very approachable and are always ready to support, motivate and push us in every possible so that we reach our potentials. I’m looking forward for a beautiful, fruitful and memorable journey here in ISMS

Moumita Ghosh

Nadia district,West Bengal

I am Moumita Ghosh, belongs to Nadia district, West Bengal. Now I am pursuing my MBA 1st year from International School of Management Studies.Isms’s atmosphere is wonderful. I am studying here of five months going on I can tell that it is one of the best places for making bright future. Isms college has been very helpful for me and all students. My all teachers are very professional and helpful and all of the staff at the college have been very hospitable. It is so nice to meet so many people from different backgrounds and cultures and I love how the staff and teachers help me to constantly improve. I hope that all of my friends that want to study MBA course will study here and I will recommend ISMS college to them

Harish Bagul


What can I say ? For sure International School Of Management Studies (ISMS) is the best College I am studying ! The teachers are highly skilled and educated and friendly too ! In ISMS , the faculties focus on every individual student which helps him/her to grow. The y not only teach MBA syllabus but also give valuable lessons related to life which will head us towards right direction in future .I have great classmates from different states of India and we really enjoy our time together. Everybody is supportive, kind and helpful. I'm glad I'm at this good college and I'm thankful that my parents put me in this college